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Our Firm

CamJam is a family owned and operated business.  B. Tatum Campbell has been in the legal field over 25 years.  All of our personnel are personally selected and screened.
Some of our legal clients have been with us since 2004 and are accustomed to the professional services proivded by Tatum for many years. Tatum is originally from the Midwest and has lived in the Houston area since 1988.  Tatum has worked with several law firms over the years before starting and working full time with CamJam.  Within the last few years CamJam has experienced tremendous growth.  We are very excited about the direction the company is going and we are looking forward to continuing a great relationship with our clients.


Our prices are very competitive and we always go above and beyond the call of duty.  Just one of the many things that set our company apart from the rest is that all of our personnel have a strong legal and real estate background. Our paralegal/research is the best in the country.  We have specialists in whatever area of law you practice.  We design a team to specifically fit your practice needs.  As stated before, our vast experience covers an array of services ranging from preparing and filing original petitions, preparing discovery and assisting with trial (legal research, preparing briefs, etc.).  We know the importance of getting a citation served properly and in a timely manner. We realize the importance of compliance with following procedures in order to avoid unnecessary delays on your cases.  With more than 25 years of service in the courts around the country, our staff is well qualified to handle all your legal needs.  We do mobile notary services for whatever your needs may require.


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