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CamJam provides reliable, outsourced legal support services anywhere at anytime, via the Internet. Just dictate a document or upload a draft and we do the rest.  Find out how simple outsourcing can be.  We have extensive experience with the following areas, but not limited to preparing any and all legal documents such as motions, orders, discovery, letters, deposition notices, subpoenas, transcribing tapes, etc.  Our paralegal/research team is the best in the country.  We have specialists in whatever area of law you practice.  We design a team to specifically fit your practice needs.  With over ten years experience in providng virtural legal support to attorneys around the county, we have the largest and the most experienced parlalegal/legal research team in the country.  We are familiar with all the courts (including e-file) in the state of Texas and all other states around the country.  We have the capability to provide you with legal services nationwide.


  Let us be your secretarial solution whether your needs demand a permanent or temporary secretary.  All of our legal staff have a minimum of 10 years of legal experience.  We understand the importance of getting a citation served correctly and in a timely manner.  We realize that once a case is filed, it is mandatory that we get the necessary individuals served before the case can proceed.  We are familiar with all the courts in Houston, Fort Bend and surrounding counties.  We will serve your documents for you anywhere in the country.  Because of our legal background, we are able to offer a full service, in-house legal support team to accommodate your needs.  Basically, we are a one stop shop when it comes to legal your matters.  We do mobile notary services for whatever your needs are.  We specialize in medical and mortgage notary services.


Why Use CamJam


  • No Overhead Costs

  • No Employee Benefits to Pay

  • No Downtime Because Your Secretary Is On Vacation

  • No Overtime to Pay

  • Increase Productivity By Eliminating Absenteeism

  • Always Have A Secretary At Your Disposal

  • Always Ensure Documents Completed On A Priority Basis

  • Receive final documents – No rough drafts. We’ll even prepare your documention on your stationery or make them “ready for filing”.

  • Convenience – With access to the Internet, you can have your final documents anywhere, anytime.

  • Accurate transcription – Experienced legal secretaries/legal support team; your work is matched to individual secretaries/legal support team by practice area, not “pool processed”.

  • Maximize Revenue Potential With Our Secretarial Support

  • Reliable, fast turnaround time – Your work is assigned to secretaries/legal support teams who are available 24/7.

  • Easy management of overflow and off-hours work.

  • Conflicts Checked – We can use your procedures or we can follow our secured procedures that we have used since 2004.

  • Reduced overtime, permanent to temporary staffing.

  • Bottom Line — We improve your bottom line!

We are also listed in the 2014 Texas Legal Directory, also known as 'The Blue Books', Vol. 1, In the back in the classified section, page 55.  "The Official Directory for the State Bar of Texas"

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(281) 352 1078

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(281) 656 5357




Houston, Texas 77231


Hours of Operation 9:00 a.m. - 12:00 midnight; Mon-Fri (weekends upon request)

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